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PHONE: 800.381.1821

Support Section Breakdown

The Automotive Electrical Master Class is a 24 hour 3 day course that will take you from electricity basics to the necessary knowledge to pass your ASE Certifications. This course is included with your N2 Neuron.

The app walk throughs gives you a breakdown on every aspect of the Curien Hub and how to use the application. Keep up to date with the latest software changes in here.

The community is a user driven and generated area where you can read case studies, watch tutorials, get help, ask questions and watch known good waveforms and more from other technicians like you around the world. 

Live Chat lets you talk with a Curien Staff member live.

The Training Tab is a video training library that shows you how to use and setup your N2 Neuron for your automotive testing.

The FAQ is updated with the most recent Frequently Asked Questions so you can get help as new issues arise.

The 1 on 1 Training section lets you schedule a zoom meeting with a Curien Staff member at your date and time of choosing to help you through any Curien questions or issues.

The TST (Technicians Service Training) section gives you access to 6 top tier automotive professional trainings from advanced electrical diagnostics, to no code engine diagnostics and More! These courses are included with your N2 Neuron.

The Sidework section is a portal to the Surfwrench platform letting you earn money on the side or take your hustle full time.

The virtual manual allows you to download or review the Curien Hardware Manuals.

The warranty section lets you register for warranty to gain access to all of your training resoures!

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