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F1 Neuron EV - The Future of Smartmeters and Smartscopes is coming to EV.

The Neuron F1 is an EV safe smartmeter & Smartscope that gives you smart, fast, accurate and trusted high speed wireless measurements and answers about what you are testing and what to do next. Integration to The HUB through your smart phone, tablet, scan tool or windows computer you will finally be free from the bay and the cart. With the dedicated system tests you will be able to take the guesswork out of diagnostics and have your tool automatically setup for you, just put it on the circuit and let the F1 do the rest. With waveform, glitch capture and triggers you can quickly and accurately find waveforms, problems and signals on High Voltage, Standard and computer circuits. With the quick glance status panel, the F1 will give you operating status and quick information about the unit. With all the capabilities you need today and in the future, built-in training videos and courses take the drivers seat to your future and learn more about the  F1 Neuron today.

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