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How to download The Hub on iOs

The Hub is the industry’s first smart diagnostic mobile application & hardware built to give you access to every electrical test you need and intelligence on those readings in the palm of your hand. With training and course work built in along with digital mentorship you can go from zero to expert and more keeping you at the top of your game. Coupled with Curien’s testing hardware you now have knowledge from mechanics from around the world at your fingertips!


The hub is constantly evolving to improve both the way you interact with the tools, but also how you see and interpret the measurements you are taking. We believe that diagnostics is more than just following a procedure book and doing pass/fail testing. We believe that to find the root cause of the vehicles problems you need to have a deeper understanding of what is happening and why. This allows you to ensure you are diagnosing and finding the root cause of your customers problems versus just addressing symptoms. Many times, a vehicle will come into the shop and the customer’s complaints are just the symptoms, or the error code and scan tool data (pids) are showing us the “down the chain” effects or symptoms of a problem. In The Hub you use built in system tests to diagnose from the potential starting point for all electrical issues (the vehicle’s battery), through to generator (alternator), the connectors (voltage drop potential), the wires, sensors and sensitive circuits. By diagnosing “from the ground up” you can ensure the vehicles electrical systems are optimally operating and you are not going on a wild goose chase of electrical gremlins and faults.


You can download The Hub through the iOs app store, the Google Play Store and directly download it from our website (APK for android devices only).


Downloading the app is as simple as downloading any other.


For iOs you can follow these steps:


Step 1. open the App Store on your apple device.

Step 2. enter "Curien" or "Curien Hub" or "Curien N2" in the search bar of the app store.

Step 3. When you see the Curien logo icon and "Curien Hub" tap that icon to download the app.


Once you have downloaded and installed The Curien Hub, follow these instructions to ensure your app and apple device are ready to start connecting to the Neuron device!


Step 1: open The Hub

Step 2: Tap the sync button

Step 3: if prompted Allow location permissions/bluetooth permissions

Step 4: tap the scan button at the bottom to find any operation Neurons in your area.


Please note that if you have not installed batteries in your Neuron you will not be able to see it in this menu. Once you install batteries to the Neuron, simply return here to connect and continue to your diagnostics!


Follow us in our diagnostic community, on facebook, instagram or Youtube in order to stay up to date on tips, tricks and other diagnostic advice! Please note that the diagnostic community is a community to share diagnostic data, advice, tips and tricks and is not specific to Curien devices or content.

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