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N2 Guided Component Testing (N2 GPT)

Continuously learning and improving is a requirement for any automotive professional in our industry today and is a hallmark of those that never rest until the job is done. Just as professionals are continuously improving their skills, honing their trade and adding new tools to their arsenal, Curien is pushing what it learns into the N2 Neuron. The latest software update on Android for the N2 Neuron has now changed its designation to the N2 Guided Component Tester. Although this nomenclature may seem trivial, the fact is that this software update has given birth to a completely new tool. The N2 Neuron has shifted from just being an advanced 2 channel measurement system with full multimeter measurement capabilities, waveform graphing and scope meter mode to now being a fully guided component diagnostic system. This latest update now introduces automotive system specific tests, with written instructions, test purpose, procedures and next step recommendations and couples them with videos that show users where to put the leads on the tool, where to put it on the vehicle and what procedures to follow to complete the tests, all while providing pass / fail (red light / green light) answers on those specific tests. To simplify the process, the N2 software now allows anyone in the shop to 1. select the electrical system and test they want to perform, 2. learn how to do the test, 3. find the problem and 4. confirm the fix. With dedicated tests, procedures, feedback and videos for battery systems, charging systems, starting systems, ignition systems, sensors, air conditioning and more the N2 has evolved to become your necessary tool in shop for diagnosing, repairing and confirming repair on automotive systems. Because the tool includes free updates for life, any users who previously owned the N2 Neuron hardware can update to this new platform and elevate their capabilities.

Because the N2 Neuron is still one of the most advanced measurement systems in the industry it can be used with the guided component testing software or still be used in standalone meter mode that allows users to test AC/DC Voltage up to 600 V, AC/DC Amperage, Resistance, Temperature, Continuity and more. Users can still graph measurements in both RMS format and scopemeter Mode which provides waveform graphing for sensor outputs that are PWM or square wave such as Hall Effect and more. Coupled with wireless Bluetooth connectivity the capabilities and range of the N2 Neuron are endless.

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