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Earn While You Learn - Download | Sync | Diagnose

Have you ever passed on job or taken longer to diagnose a problem because you weren’t Sure what steps or procedures to take?

Do you want to get to that next level and still get paid while you learn?

Then Earn while you learn with the N2 Neuron and The Hub today!

Then It’s as simple as Download - Sync & Diagnose!

With the N2 you get every electrical test you need for automotive today and the future.

With The Hub you can interact with your Curien devices and start diagnosing instantly by automotive system.

You have access to built in guided testing with known good feedback for:

The Hub also lets you schedule 1 on 1 webinar training with Curien staff members free of charge, join and participate in the built in Diagnostic Community, has $1000’s of professional automotive coursework included, watch training videos, case studies and so much more!

The N2 Neuron and The Hub let you earn while you learn, take the guesswork out of diagnostics and help get you to that next level!

Don’t have your Curien Device yet?

No problem! Download the free app and start journey to earning more today!

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Earn While You Learn N2 Neuron

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