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Brake Bleeder Adapters?

Brake Bleeder Adapters are here! But Why and what are they?

Well we can start with the What.... These are the most high quality brake bleeder adapters in the marketplace. They are made in the USA (Yes with global materials) and have been the long time undisputed industry standard in the best adapters for your bleeding needs. Yes These are the same adapters you have seen in other places and are used in your Tesla, Euro, Rivian and other shops as well as included with some of the industry's best bleeder systems.

Now for the Why... Why Not?!? These adapters are made with the same adherence to quality and value as our own standards and are part of our mission to help bring you the highest quality and relevant tools and equipment to meet your daily needs, even if we don't always make them.

Do we make these? No.

What is the warranty? Obviously out of box defects and mfg defects are covered for life, because of the caustic nature of the o-rings there is no warranty on them, but we do offer warranty replacement packs for each adapter. But if Anything goes wrong with the unit for the life of the product you always get lifetime technical support for life with Curien.

What else should I know? You will be able to use these with your standard brake bleeders, not just the big red one and these are going to be the best investment you've made in your personal arsenal or shop arsenal for bleeding brake systems and going right to the master cylinder reservoirs.

Anything else? Don't have a bleeder? Don't worry we've got you covered too! Stay Tuned for more!

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