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The F1 is actually an answer to a few things that have been happening both in the marketplace and the industry. Since the launch of the N2 Neuron back in October 2020 we have been receiving feedback from customers, beta testers, internal development teams and OEM/Fleet managers regarding features, capabilities and functionalities they would like to see with the N2 Neuron. Although the F1 is NOT just an updated version of the N2 it was decided that we could answer some of the questions with software updates to N2 and others with the release of a new hardware device (The F1) to best fill in some of these gaps. Honestly the way the F1 is designed to work it will probably be the 1st tool you pull out for your initial diagnosis of a problem, then as you need to dig further into a system the N2 Neuron will be brought out as well to double team the problem and help you diagnose the issue correctly the first time.

The N2 Neuron is a two channel smart meter that contains a 600 V AC/DC Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Ammeter, Internal Thermometer and high precession 2 V AC/DC Voltmeter. Because of the way N2 Neuron is built, we can use two channels simultaneously using a common ground and take:

- voltage reading and amperage reading

- voltage reading and temperature reading

- voltage reading and voltage reading

- temperature and resistance reading

At the same time. Although these combinations may seem arbitrary it allows the N2 to become extremely versatile in what you can test and how you can test on the vehicle and opens up the list of automotive applications that can be directly tested with the N2. Whether it be a battery cranking test that uses temperature and voltage, an air conditioner recharge test that uses ambient and probe temperature, a compression test that uses both voltage at the battery and on a coil probe or others being able to correlate to aspects of one circuit or two separate circuits together is a necessary part of the diagnostic process. The N2 neuron is a well built and highly capable tool that is rounded enough to give 95%+ of all functionality and capability needed for automotive testing, but the F1 picks up where it leaves off.

The F1 is a high speed smart meter & smart scope built into one device that is also hybrid safe. The F1 will take standard voltage measurements (Both AC & DC) frequency, duty cycle, Hz, but it will also be able to shut off it’s math functionality and capture waveforms just like an oscilloscope. The high speed capabilities will allow it to measure up to 1 million samples per seconds providing you with a detailed image of both what signals are happening over time, but also if there are glitches or issues with these signals, the F1 is fast enough to see and display these on screen. At these speeds F1 will be able to help you see camshafts, crankshafts, CAN BUS signals, Fuel Injection systems, primary and secondary ignition circuits and more. Also because the F1 is CAT III 1000 V and CAT. IV 600V rated this will be safe to use of Electric Vehicle Motors, battery systems and other high voltage automotive applications. The F1 truly extends your range and capabilities if you already own an N2 neuron and closes most of your testing gaps. If you do not own an N2 Neuron, the F1 is a great way to start automotive electrical testing as it will provide you the basic measurement you need for 90+% of what you are testing for in automotive and 99% if you add an amperage testing accessory.

The F1 Neuron is the beginning of the high speed series of testing hardware that will open up your testing capabilities to test, interpret, and diagnose every aspect of a vehicle (not just electrical). The high speed series is going to be introducing a number of transducers (Accessories) that will turn one form of energy into another. These accessories are built to help you turn noise, gas, pressure, liquid, vibration, millimeter wave, radar, heat and light into an electrical energy that can be read by a Neuron (F1 or N2) and provide you with information about what is going on with the vehicle and what to do next. Whether the transducers are used on a Curien hardware device or your own existing tools, our goal is to provide you with the tools, capabilities and accessories you need as you grow in your automotive professional career. Along with the hardware, you will also find that Curien is releasing professional automotive training on how to use these tools and automotive application trainings and case studies on how to use the in your every day automotive diagnostic journey. With all the capabilities and smart tests you need today and in the future, built-in training videos and courses you too can join the winners circle. Learn more about the F1 today at


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