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F1 Features & Benefits

The F1 Neuron SmartScope is built to take the guesswork out of component and sensor testing and includes:

* Cat III 1000V CAT IV 600 V Hybrid Safe safety ratings for testing high power systems

* Built in Smart tests with known good feedback via The Hub for quick and confident diagnosis

* Dedicated Training built in to show you how to use the tool and increase your skills

* Fast Waveform and Glitch Capture for clear signal review and analysis

* Trigger Presets, Auto ranging and Auto Signal Acquisition for fast setup and taking guess work out of testing

* Use multiple units together with Multichannel Support via THE HUB to add channels as you need them

* 10 Meg-Ohm internal impedance for Computer Safe testing

* On/Off Button for long life storage and no auto shut off

* E-Paper Screen for power saving, quick glance status, simple measurements data from the circuit without THE HUB

* Firmware updatable over the air to ensure you stay up to date with the latest functionality and capabilities

Let’s get into a little more detail about each of these features and benefits.

Cat III 1000V CAT IV 600 V Hybrid Safe

Cat III 1000V and CAT IV 600V are generally accepted hybrid safe safety ratings for testing high power systems. This is because these safety ratings can handle a “surge voltage” or transient from these level of power systems including a lightning strike to the system while connected with out causing damage to the user. This electrical rating from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is set for manufacturers of electrical measurement equipment (something we will get into laters) for the purpose of meeting and exceeding a surge of 8000V minimum (something called transients that we will also get into later) while taking a measurement or on a circuit both indoors and outdoors on polyphase motors, low, and high energy connections. The reason this is important is because electric vehicles today and hybrid vehicles are using power sources and systems such as batteries, connections and motors that can exceed 600V and are upwards of 800V in some cases and their transient potential. Transient potential are short periods of surges of electrical energy and are caused by the sudden release of energy previously stored or induced by other means, such as heavy inductive loads or lightning. In modern EV and Hybrid vehicles this can happen due to build up of voltage and inductive kick and can be much much higher than just the 200V or 800V rating of that power source which is why this safety rating and testing certification is important and a must have for your tools. Because the future of automotive is centered around AC and DC motors, high and low voltage systems and very precise signals we have found that these two safety ratings are what is needed in order to provide you with the safest and most capable range for your electrical testing and smart tools. Also because there are no official standards for the automotive repair procedures surrounding these systems, when it comes to you and your safety we would rather be safer than sorry.

Built-in Smart tests with known good feedback via The Hub

Built in Smart tests with known good feedback via THE HUB for quick and confident diagnosis enables you to quickly access the internal database of components and systems and either setup the F1 to test and compare that system or component to a known good waveform/reading OR optimally set up the tool to test that component or system and provide you a general guidance for what you are looking for. With known good data, videos and written instructions you will be able to take the guesswork out of how to test and what to test for and in some cases be provided next step suggestions based on the readings. The Hub is the industry’s first smart diagnostic mobile application tied to multiple hardware systems that is built to give you access to every electrical test you need and intelligent feedback on those readings in the palm of your hand. The hub is much more than an interface for your tool though. The hub has built in access to training and course work for both your tool, but also professional automotive continuing education and has built in follow along trainings. The Hub is constantly evolving to improve both the way you interact with your tools, but also how you see and interpret the measurements you are taking. We believe that diagnostics is more than just following a procedure book and doing pass/fail testing. We believe that to find the root cause of the vehicles problems you need to have a deeper understanding of what is happening and why. This allows you to ensure you are diagnosing and finding the root cause of your customers problems versus just addressing symptoms. Many times, a vehicle will come into the shop and the customer’s complaints are just the symptoms, or the error code and scan tool data (pids) are showing us the “down the chain” effects or symptoms of a problem. In THE HUB you use built in system tests to diagnose from the potential starting point for all electrical issues (the vehicle’s battery), through to generator (alternator), the connectors (voltage drop potential), the wires, sensors and sensitive circuits. By diagnosing “from the ground up” you can ensure the vehicles electrical systems are optimally operating and you are not going on a wild goose chase of electrical gremlins and faults.


You can download The Hub through the iOS app store, the Google Play Store and directly download it from our website (APK for android devices only).

Dedicated Training built in to help you succeed

Dedicated Training built in to show you how to use the tool and increase your skills is just part of what you will find the in THE HUB. With dedicated tool training you will become proficient in how to use your tool, but nothing is a substitute for hands on testing and knowledge. Inside the Curiosity Academy and Curien system you will be empowered with educational courses on how to use your tools, automotive systems and concepts trainings, advanced professional continuing education, side by side video and demo board training (yes you can get the demo board) and one on one tool training with a Curien team member to walk through things with you. You might even find a mentor in our community to connect with. The Hub is built to provide both tool training so that you can get the most out of your tool, but it is also designed to help you gain access to continued education and automotive resources to help you either advance in your career and get to the next level and stay up to date on the latest education and training available for your specific niche of automotive. The Curiosity Academy hosts all tool training and automotive application education for the Neuron Hardware, however the Curiosity Community hosts many different educators, trainers and influencers from around the world. The training courses built into the Curien ecosystem have been chosen and created to help technicians of every level get from basic to no knowledge about electrical and automotive systems to advanced level certifications.

Fast Waveform capture and glitch capture & Auto setup / Triggers

Fast Waveform and Glitch Capture for clear signal review and analysis is meant to give you a clear picture of what is happening electrically with your circuit voltage overtime. This will show you whether or not a component or system is behaving the way it should and whether or not there are intermittent or consistent problems. With the auto setup, the tool sets itself up optimally for each tests or component but will still let you change the settings to fine tune so you can control what you are looking for. Preprogrammed triggers and tests will take the guesswork out of how to diagnose what you are working on. Because the F1 is Curien’s fastest capture device to date with 1 million samples per second and the ability to change that speed as necessary for a particular test, the F1 is perfectly poised to give you fast waveform capture and the ability to see and detect glitches in signals over time. Being able to sample at these speeds allows you to look more accurately into the waveform and transmit the data wirelessly to your phone, tablet, computer or scan tool will allow you to see what the voltage is doing overtime and whether or not it is operating as expected or has an anomaly. Because the F1 will be using BLE 5.0 it will be able to transmit more data faster than any previous neuron device. Because the F1 is built on the architecture of a voltmeter it will have automatic ranging and be able to provide you with automatic optimal ranging for the signal you are testing, however we still leave you the ability to manually range and establish triggers for optimal signal capture. Triggers will be used when you are more familiar with the signal you are hunting and want to set the F1 to start capturing high speed measurements during certain characteristics of that signal. For example, during a relative compression test you can use the trigger to tell F1 you want to start capturing the waveform once you see ac voltage, amperage or pressure (depending on your transducer) go above a certain threshold. Because the F1 has guided testing and more built in it will be your go to high-speed smart meter and smart scope.

Multichannel support with The Hub

Use multiple units together with Multichannel Support via THE HUB for more information at once about a circuit or to see multiple circuits interact. Just like a 2, 3 or 4 channel scope can show you correlations between circuits or more information about one circuit (Volts, Amps, Etc…) multichannel support gives you this capabilities without breaking the bank. Add channels to your setup as you progress and need them! As of the time of this writing the capability is currently disabled in your version of The Hub, but as the F1 reaches product launch the capability will be turned on so that you can begin to see multiple channels from multiple units simultaneously in graphing, meter and other modes. Currently with N2 Neuron you have 2 channels so you can see how multiple circuits either interact (compression and ignition) or multiple aspects of a single circuit interchange such as voltage and amperage for example. With the F1 being high-speed you will be able to do correlation between multiple high-speed circuits such as cam and crank as well as CAN High and CAN low as well as correlations between Circuits the N2 Neuron is is measuring and the F1 are measuring. The final amount of multichannel connections is still currently in development, however this will be limited to the amount of data that cab be received by the phone, tablet or laptop. Bluetooth 5.0 currently has no limitation to the number of units that can be simultaneously connected and communicating; however it does have a limit of 48MBps which leads us to believe we can have at minimum 5 F1’s connected simultaneously to an optimized phone or tablet with Bluetooth 5.0 onboard.

Computer Safe testing | On/Off Button | Screen and Firmware

Without going into too much science regarding 10 Meg-ohm internal resistance, the basics are that this high impedance safety circuitry will ensure that you do not load your computer safe circuits and cause a potential load draw to either blow a computer, SRS or other sensitive circuit. The F1 and N2 Neuron are both 10 Meg-ohm internal impedance making them safe for your computer and sensitive circuit needs. Although this may not sound like a life changing feature, having a dedicated on/off button for the F1 has come 100% from years of customer feedback drawn from N2 Neuron. Although the Screen of the F1 will not be for full functionality usage, the F1 will have an e-paper screen that will be low power consumption and allow us to show a status update, settings status and current voltage present on the F1. As for all Curien devices, the F1 will have firmware that is updatable over the air. Updatable firmware will allow us to continue improving the tools in your hands over time. As new and improved features and functionalities can be achieved, they will be pushed to your device and only loaded if you choose.

As we move forward with continued development and testing, we will release new updates on the F1 Neuron, anticipated specifications, features and software.

Stay up to date by signing up for notifications and announcements below or go to and sign up to learn more!

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