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Automotive Electrical Masterclass

Dates: Friday, Jan. 28th, Saturday Jan. 29th, & Sunday Jan. 30th, 2022  - 3 Days / 24 Hours 


Automotive Electrical 
Master Class

3 Days - 24 Hours - No B.S.

Included for you w/ In Person Class:

  • Updated Electrical Book with Curien Automotive Applications

  • N2 Neuron / Wireless System & Component Tester & Graphing Meter (yours to keep)

  • Low amp Clamp (yours to keep)

  • Fire 7 Tablet (yours to keep)

  • Lunch, Beverages & Snacks through out the day

This Class will help you


  • Circuits and Circuit Testing

  • Open and Short Circuits

  • Voltage Drops

  • Relay Testing

  • Multimeter Usage

  • Graphing Meter/Labscope Usage

  • Sensors/Actuators

Hands-On Testing of:

  • Batteries

  • Starting Systems

  • Fuel Delivery Systems

  • Ignition Systems

  • Sensors

  • Computer Systems

  • And more!

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Due to inclement weather at the local training center training will be delayed 11:45 a.m. EST

In Person - Live Stream  or Audio Only 

As part of our commitment to the automotive industry and our customers, we are offering a viewing of this Automotive Electrical Master Class to any owner of the N2 Neuron, and providing 2 hours free to anyone with audio only after that if they do not own an N2 Neuron or purchase full viewing access to the class. Although the training will be done using the N2 Neuron, this is an automotive electronics course that will be covering the necessary knowledge to master automotive electronics principles and diagnostics.

The training course will be streamed, filmed and provided in person at the ATTS headquarters in Mahopac NY, however the in person class has a limit of 20 people and will cost $1000 to attend. Those who chose to attend the 3 day 24 hour course in person will receive an N2 Neuron, Curien Low Current Amp Clamp, Electronic Training Book/Curien Automotive Applications Combination, lunch and hands on training board experience as part of the package.

For those that already own an N2 Neuron or just want to live Stream you can purchase the book and training board separately to follow along and complete the same testing procedures. Also live stream attendees will have the ability to post questions that will be answered in the live class.

Audio only attendees will be able to listen to the live stream in an audio format after the 2 hours of free live video feed are completed..

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