Frequently asked questions

How do I replace the batteries and fuse?

Unscrew the back panel of the N2, split the housing in 2. Remove the board from the top half of the housing by pressing your fingers between the housing and the board at the pins area. Only touch the outer edges of the board when possible. Replace/install batteries and fuse

How do I connect N2 to my phone/tablet/computer?

Once you have installed batteries in the N2 and have installed the mobile application from your app store of choice (or the Curie website) there is no need to go into the bluetooth settings of your phone, tablet or computer. As long as you installed the app, gave the app all permisions it asked for when you installed it AND your bluetooth is active, the app will automatically see the N2 in the "Sync" screen in the app. If you still do not see the N2 in your sync menu, try tapping the "Sync" button at the bottom of the Sync screen.

I see negative readings and/or readings jump around why?

The N2 is the most sensitive measurment tool in your aresenal. The sensitivity allows the N2 to see and measure voltage, resistance and amperage that other tools cannot. What you are seeing is ghost voltage. The N2 will have a floating ghost voltage when it is not connected to a circuit. The ghost voltage may float anywhere from -500 micro units (volts, ohms, amps) to 1-2 mili units (volts, ohms, amps) depending on how much electrical magnetic field disturbance is around your work area. Once the N2 is on a circuit it will give you extremely accurate measurements and readings. Ghost voltage is a good thing and a sign of a very accurate tool. Please note that when you see micro volts, ohms or amps that 1 micro unit = .000001 base unit, so if you see 120 micro volt that is .000120 volts... that is still "zero'd". If you do not want to see these tiny measurements please change your auto ranging to manual ranging.

How Fast can the N2 meaure?

The N2 Neuron is able to give you measurements as tiny as 4ms apart and as slow as .256 seconds apart. The speed of the tool is calculated in both sample rates (hz) and buffer depth (smpl). To find measurement speeds your N2 is currently in please divide the buffer depth by the sample rate (32 smpl / 8000hz = .004 seconds or 4ms). the meassurement speed will affect all readings but more importantly will affect the waveforms mode in graphing. the N2 is taking 32 samples at 4ms apart and displaying the data, the app will automatically stitch together the data and display it in the waveform mode. You can modify the measurment speed as you like, however some meter modes require a minimum speed and will automatically change the sample rate and buffer depth for your (AC Voltage for example requires 4000 hz and 256 smpl in order to provide a clear measurment waveform of the oscilating circuits on ac voltages. This will be required for both the graphing AND standard meter windows.

How can I do data logging?

You can insert a 32 GB sd card formatted in FAT32 (not included) into the N2 and it will allow the tool begin logging. Once you insert the sd card, you must activate logging in the meter mode menu by tapping on the logging option (bottom left) and choosing to both activate the logging AND the frequency in which you want data logged. Max = no delay full data dump, the other options are time delays in which a single reading will be saved to the file.

Can I read log files in app?

At this time we do not have a log viewer window built in. This is on the list of features to add, however there are more important updates coming soon.

Wifi or bluetooth?

The N2 uses bluetooth 4.0 low energy protocol. This allows the N2 to be seen by the app and make a much more seamless user experience for you.

will bluetooth make me miss data?

The bluetooth speed of the N2 does not affect the measurements. All measurements are done onboard and transmitted to the app in packets. the data will not be lost. There may be an unoticable delay in the initial transmission of data, but for all intents and purposes the readings are live. Please note that measurement speeds are modifiable and if the tool is measuring at a low rate (Please see "How fast can N2 measure?") the readings will appear slow and clunky. Simply speed up measurement speeds to see "live readings" in realtime without dealy.

How do I do voltage testing, amperage testing, ohms testing, resistance testing, parasitic draw?

Please review all application specific videos at

How do I get premium training?

Register for warranty with a correct serial number and a code will be automatically sent to your email once confirmed.

Can the N2 graph square waves?

Yes. The N2 is a full TRMS meter that has the ability to shut off TRMS and give a true waveform measurement. You can view squarewaves and all waveforms in the graphing screen. *Note you must activate "Waveform" function to view square waves and shut off TRMS measurements. Also the N2 could be considered a DSO but becuase we do not designate the N2 an oscilloscope we do not classify this.